High Visibility Uniforms
Uniformes de Alta Visibilidad
Uniformes Reflectivos

A "High Visibility" component is critical for the safety of a worker in certain environments. In high-risk areas near roads, moving vehicles, trains, or in low-light locations it is essential to be protected with reflectivity that meets ANSI requirements.

Camisas Reflectivas

In less risky work areas, we work what is known as "Enhanced Visibility". The difference between this and "High Visibility" is in the amount of reflective stripes that the garment includes (uniforms or vests).

We manufacture all kinds of uniforms with reflective stripes - including shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, vests, etc. We are your alternative when creating a "Custom High Visibility" or "Enhanced Visibility" design for your company. We also stock a large quantity of "ANSI-compliant" and regular-use ("Non ANSI") reflective vests.

Uniformes de Construccion