Security Guard Uniforms
Uniformes de Seguridad
Uniformes para Guardias de Seguridad
Suplidor de Uniformes de Seguridad en Puerto Rico

We know how important it is for the peace of mind and safety of the public, to have a well-uniformed security guard. At Olimac we specialize in that subject - from traditional side stripe pants and security shirts, flap pockets and badge grommets, to specialized tactical pants and tactical "performance" polo shirts - we have all the gear you need.

We not only stand out for the quality, durability and good prices of our security uniforms, but we also stand out as a "one stop shop" for security companies. In addition to uniforms, we supply your guards all the necessary accessories such as badges, whistles, caps, patches, hats, jackets, etc.

We have a large "stock" in different fabrics and colors so that your company does not have to spend in additional stock. You just buy what you need for contracts, new positions, or replacements.

We work with all types of security companies, including the largest in Puerto Rico, outfitting thousands of officers daily. We can create a "custom" uniform so that your guards have a unique image in the market. We sign long-term contracts to stock your company's uniforms in our warehouse ("Stock Program"), so they are ready when you need them. We can also work with a "Voucher" system in which you send your officers to our facilities and they collect the uniforms and accessories they need.